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This module deals with sustainable economy, which is a type of economy that guarantees respect for the environment and people, as well as economic growth.


The first part of this Module deals with the basic concepts of economic sustainability. It is made of an introduction to the sustainable economy and sustainable development and a focus on circular economy and its principles.

The second part of the Module develops some Case studies which focus on some specific issues:  the role of the economic and social background, the management of family’s budgets, sustainable finance and ethical finance, modern slavery and child labor, the role of the internet in sustainable development and with digital divide.

Learning Outcomes:

  • The learner understands the concepts of sustainable economic growth.
  • The learner understands the notion of decent work and is able to recognize unfair labor conditions.
  • The learner understands how individual lifestyle choices influence social, economic, and environmental development, including working conditions of others in the global economy.
  • The learner understands the role of technologies in promoting sustainable development.

Time needed

3 hours


Topic 1:

Sustainable Economic Growth (retrieved 15.03.203)

( )

Topic 2:

Sustainability: What are the alternatives to economic growth? (retrieved 15.03.2023) ( )

The EU’s new circular economy action plan (retrieved 15.03.2023)


Case Study 1

Inequalities and Social Justice


Case Study 2

Claim your future - an educational game that encourages students to make decisions that will help them achieve their goals, developed by the Finance Authority of Maine, US.

( )

Case Study 3

Grameen Bank (retrieved 15.03.2023) ( )

Triodos Bank (retrieved 15.03.2023) ( )

Alternative Bank Switzerland (retrieved 15.03.2023) ( )

Case Study 4

Social Inclusion


Global Gender Gap Report 2022


Case Study 5

Alliance 8.7 (retrieved 15.03.2023) ( )

Case Studies 6-7

International Telecommunication Union (ITU) (retrieved 15.03.2023) ( )


Best Practice 1

Time-based currency (retrieved 15.03.2023)

( )

The Italian Association of Time Banks (retrieved 15.03.2023)


Best Practice 2

Project “Toscana 2030” (retrieved 15.03.2023)

( )


Best Practice 3

Project “Donne al Quadrato” (retrieved 23.06.2023)