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Objective: Students will understand what the Goals are and why they are important

Ask students to think about: What are the biggest problems faced by people in our community?

In pairs, students try to identify some of the biggest problems facing their community, their country, or the world. Take some ideas from the group. These could be written onto a board at the front.

Show the students the following video, presenting the 17 SDGs:

Show then to students the table with the 17 SDGs. Ask students to identify which of the problems they identified corresponds with which Goal.

Objective: Students will find ways to engage themselves and others in working with the SDG and making them known.

Ask the students to Plan and run an awareness campaign about the goals.

Objective: Students will have to find solutions and ways to promote health and a healthy lifestyle.

Ask the students to engage in reflective essay writing and/or discussions about what a life of health and well-being means.

Objective: Students will have to identify the features of a sustainable school.

Introduce the students to the idea of New Bauhaus and its features.

Ask the students to engage in a project based on the theme: “What does a sustainable school look like?”