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SOSU Østjylland

Sosu Ostjylland is the second largest social and health care college in Denmark. We provide different educational programs – as well as supplementary training of educated staff members – for social and health care institutions for elderly and disabled people and for hospitals and psychiatry. We continuously develop innovative pedagogic and didactic training material and organize work practice, and we work closely together with the employers in the field. We have more than 25 years’ experience in training and further education of care staff. We have about 150 fulltime employed staff members and 20 external professionals connected to our daily praxis. In 2016 the college had more than 800 full-time students, and about 2.000 professional caregivers participated in shorter or longer supplementary training courses. Our students are in the age of 15 to 60 years old, and have more than 50 different ethical and cultural backgrounds. For the youngest we offer short introduction programs of 20 to 40 weeks – to prepare them for a start at the main educational programs of either:

  • 14 months (Social and Health Care Helper) or
  • 32 months (Social and Health Care Assistant)

We are continuously involved in European projects and it is not difficult for us to ensure impact of project results: both inside and outside our organization. The results of our projects are directly integrated in the education of social and help care helpers and assistants at the SOSU Ostjylland college. As the graduates of the college are the future caregivers, they directly apply their new competences at their work places. Furthermore, SOSU is part of several national networks of Danish Social and Health Care colleges, which also benefit from the project results. The college is also a member of several international partnerships and networks with stakeholder in the care field in many European countries and we always try to give them the opportunity to exploit our result as well. is an IT Consulting company focused on Training, established in 2012, and located in Patras (Greece). Main objectives of the company is the provision of:

  • quality IT and consulting services in business terms to companies and enterprises in all sectors of economy,
  • training services which address the needs of various target groups,
  • IT services, focusing on web development and creation of online educational platforms,
  • managing and developing of project services, mostly oriented to improve the quality of people, especially people who from socially vulnerable groups.

In addition, the company has a well-established network as it has implemented up to now over 40 European Projects, with the collaboration of over 180 partners, among 24 EU countries. It has implemented hundreds of National Projects and has more than 250 clients in the field of IT and business support. It is also remarkable that has numerous collaborations in projects even beyond Europe. Additionally, it is an active member of EfVET since 2012. is combining training and IT services, by focusing to digital interactive training, through developing and creating online training courses, educational games, gamification tools, web and mobile applications using new and innovative technologies totally respecting WCAG2.0 (accessibility protocols).

The company holds four European awards of best practices, three awards in Greece and one in Lithuania. Its main aim is the digital transformation of businesses and organisations through the innovative exploitation of existing tools guaranteeing a swift, sustainable, and effective process.


LeGO (L'Inchiostro e Giovani Officina sociale) is a social enterprise working in the fields of education, social inclusion and eldercare. It is based in Montevarchi, in Tuscany, Central Italy.

We are a NPO which acts to prevent and contrast social isolation, institutionalization, material and educative poverty, and to promote sustainable models of personal and social development.

We provide educational services among which daily child care 0-3, educational support for children in different settings (school, home, community centers etc.), prevention of educational poverty and child neglect, VET services addressed to people with disabilities and to people at risk of poverty or social exclusion, and independent living training for adolescents and adults with disabilities.

We also provide eldercare services among which home care services, recreational and sports activities for elderly people; services for the promotion of active ageing, services for people with dementia and their caregivers, residential services.

Finally, we work in the fields of social research, public/private co-creation, development of social work and VET services for people working in the social field.


FEG (Fundatia Ecologica Green) is an educational institution, autonomous and non profit making, located in Iasi, Romania, comprising: four kindergartens, two primary schools, a network of 16 post secondary technical schools and training centres for adult education active at national level.

The ACT project will be run by FEG Post Secondary School from Iasi. FEG Post-Secondary School from Iasi was founded in 1998 and in 2008 it was accredited by the Ministry of Education. In 2014 and 2019, the school has been evaluated by the Ministry of Education, getting a high score for the quality of education provided. The school functions with 830 students and 39 trainers and teachers. It provides training in 12 qualifications (nurses for general care, pharmacy assistant, physiotherapy assistants, custom agents, analyst programmers, accountants, banking, stylists, aesthetics, interior designers, out of which the most representative is the Nursing Division. More than 600 of our students are trained to become nurses in different fields and since its foundation, the school has trained more than 5000 student nurses. The school runs in 3 locations, one of them containing demonstration rooms, and labs, fully equipped , 3 IT labs and other annexes. The quality of the training provided as well as its facilities and extracurricular activities made the school the strongest private alternative to the public education in the region.

Thus, from 36 students in 1998, the school has now over 600 students/year attending Nursing classes. Since 2004 FEG is a member of EFVET- European Forum for Vocational Education and Training and since 2019 FEG is a member of EAfA- European Alliance for Apprenticeships. In 2008 FEG Post Secondary School was awarded the title "European School" by the Ministry of Education, title reconfirmed in 2011, 2015 and 2018. FEG has been taking part in 50 EU projects, out of which 30 mobility projects run under Leonardo da Vinci, for students and teachers and other projects run under the Grundtvig, Youth, Erasmus +, and the Transversal Programme. Between 2015 and 2020, FEG held the Erasmus + VET Mobility Charter and in 2021 got the Erasmus+ Accreditation for VET.

Themistoklis S.A.

Our school, “Educational Organisation Themistoklis S.A.”, is located in Piraeus, the main port of Greece, near Athens. We are a primary private and secondary school, with 550 students and approximately 50 teachers. We also have foreign students, with different cultures. Our motto is “Culture – Education - Virtue”. In the frame of our work, we have programs regarding theatre, arts, and protection of the environment. Our students’ families are very close to the school and contribute to our projects. Every year, parents also organise a big charity bazaar. Our aim is to communicate deeply with our students, teach them the moral values, and help them become active citizens. That’s the reason why we are interested in sustainable development programs.

The educational organisation Themistoklis, has 14 teachers in the primary school. Seven of them, are foreign language teachers with a lot of experience. Four of them, teach the English language, two the French language, and one of them the German language. Our teachers are involved in many different activities, such as educational, scientific, cultural, environmental, and social activities. In 2010, our school was honored with the “The green action award” by the Education and Religion Ministry of Greece, regarding our participation in a recycling programme. During the same year, we participated and got awarded in the 2nd Student’s PanHellenic competition with “i-School Life”. Furthermore, our school was excelled in School LAB educational program (Giving life to your ideas).

Every year we participate in Kangaroo examination. This year, programs to enhance our work, are about “Racism Difference”,” Smart and Art Recycling”, “Sea Pollution” and “Protect forests”. We organize various creative activities, for our students, in order to get acquainted with the major city problems and find ways not only to manage them, but also to cooperate with the local authorities, in order to help our students, become active citizens. As our region, was an industrial area for many years and is now under reconstruction, the active involvement in Erasmus projects will sweep teachers, parents, students, organisations, in a European value.