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This module will help you learn about human well-being and the social impact of the Sustainable Development Goals.


The SDG’s can be divided into economic-, environmental and social sustainability. This module will focus on the latter. Through quizzes, exercises, and theoretical material, this module will strengthen the knowledge of the social impact of the goals related to human well-being.

Read more about this understanding of the SDGs in the Global Sustainable Development Report 2022:


Learning Outcomes

  • The learner improves his knowledge about the 17 SDGs – what they contain, how they are structured and interlinked.
  • The learner reflects on the SDGs in relation to the participants’ own values (the ‘why’).
  • The learner shares and understands others’ views on the SDGs .

Time needed

3 hours


Topic 1

The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2022 (retrieved 20/06/23)

Episode 6: The 3 Pillars of Sustainability (retrieved 20/06/23)

What is social sustainability? (retrieved 20/06/23)

Mental Health Awareness week (retrieved 20/06/23)

EU Youth Strategy (retrieved 20/06/23)


Topic 2

Communications materials (retrieved 20/06/23)


Best practices

Global Goals World Cup (retrieved 20/06/23)

Folkemoedet (retrieved 20/06/23)