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How well do you know the SDGs?

The Self-Reflection Tool has been designed to help you reflect on your familiarity with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and help you assess your ability to handle the 17 SDGs in your school activities. 

Below you find 28 tasks related to the teaching of SDSs and to cross-border learning. The tasks are grouped into four (4) sections which are as follows:

  • Section A: Social sustainability.
  • Section B: Economic sustainability.
  • Section C: Environmental sustainability.
  • Section D: Cross-border learning and partnership for the goals.

Please, evaluate how self-confident you feel in handling each task, choosing from  (one star – “I do not feel confident in doing this task at all.” ) up to 
   (five stars – “I feel very confident in doing this task and I think I could help other people in doing it.”).

According to each user’s choice, the tool is designed to reflect on the level of familiarity of the users in order to open up the path to training. It is NOT meant to evaluate your experience or work as a teacher. It is supposed to draw your attention on the different aspects of the SDG’s and make you reflect on how you understand them and how you could work with them. It is completely fine to be in every level or to get different results in different sections. Actually, it is very probable that you feel comfortable in dealing with certain tasks (according to your preferences, interests or the subject you teach) and not in others.

After the completion of the procedure, a relevant report indicating the results is developed and is available for the users.

The Self-Reflection Tool is being developed by the partnership of ACT! Project. The estimated time necessary to complete the Self-Reflection Tool is 10 -15 minutes.

Any information provided in the Self-Reflection Tool is recorded anonymously and will be used solely by the ACT! Project partnership. We will not sell, trade, or transfer an individual’s personal information to any third party or entity. The ACT! Project partnership respects the privacy rights of the tool users, in accordance with the General Personal Data Protection Regulation 2016/679/ EU and the current national and European legal and regulatory framework for the protection of personal data.