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ACT’s Short-time staff training in Aarhus, Denmark!

ACT’s project partners together with teachers of 14–18-year-old students, met in Aarhus, Denmark in order to attend the Short-time staff training. The Training Event took place on 11, 12 and 13 October 2023 and was hosted by SOSU Østjylland. 

Teachers had the opportunity to improve their intercultural skills and learn more about the implementation of the SDGs in their schools. Teachers shared with us all the necessary feedback on the tools created by the partnership. They had the chance to test the Self-Reflection Tool (SRT) for teachers on cross-border learning synergies for the 17 SDCs. They also tested the Online Training Program for teachers in cross-border cooperation for the development of the SDGs in schools and they were amazed.  

Having tested the SRT, teachers discovered their familiarity with the SDGs and how much they are working with them in the classroom. The tool is divided in the following four (4) sections which are as follows: 

  • Section A: Social sustainability. 
  • Section B: Economic sustainability. 
  • Section C: Environmental sustainability. 
  • Section D: Cross-border learning and partnership for the goals. 

Through the tool they were able to understand their level in general but also per section. The tool is available in Greek, English, Romanian, Italian and Danish. 

In addition, the teachers had the opportunity to learn, visit and test the Educational Online Training Programme for teachers in cross-border cooperation for the development of SDGs in schools. This tool aims to upgrade teachers’ knowledge and skills and promote cross-border cooperation and learning synergies. It is now available in English and by the end of November it will be available in Greek, Romanian, Italian and Danish. 

Finally, the teachers were introduced to the e-community platform, for cross-border cooperation for SDGs, which will be available to students aged 14-18 who will participate in the Online Workshops for cross-border Cooperation on the SDGs in 2024. 

Let’s work together for a better future! 

Together, we can make the Sustainable Development Goals a reality!  

Take a glimpse of our Short-time staff training!