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Our Transnational Project Meeting (TPM), in Greece!-fetured

Our Transnational Project Meeting (TPM), in Greece!

After almost six (6) months since our kickoff meeting in Denmark, project’s partners met in Greece. The Transnational Project Meeting (TPM)  took place on the 6th and 7th of September, hosted by Themistoklis S. A., in Piraeus, Greece.

10 representatives of the partnership participated in the meeting. During the first day, partners had the chance to learn a few things about Themistoklis’ S.A. history. But of utmost importance is the fact that they discussed thoroughly the overall status of the project and were able to organise their next steps, regarding its implementation.

Partners discussed in detail the three (3) out of the four (4), following project results:

  • Self-Reflection Tool for teachers on cross-border learning synergies for the SDGs.
  • Online Training Program for teachers in cross-border cooperation for the development of the SDGs in schools.
  • Community e-platform for cross-border cooperation on the SDGs. 

The meeting, in the first day ended, after the partnership discussed about how they will ensure the high-quality implementation and dissemination of the project.

On the 2nd day of the TPM, 07/09/2022, partners set their next steps and deadlines. In addition, a workshop followed, regarding the impact of ACT project, among the participants either inside their organisation or externally. The partnership also implemented a study visit to the organisation, where they were able to meet some of its educators.

Furthermore,, presented the webpage of the project (here) and the English version of the dissemination material (here). The webpage and the dissemination material will be translated in the project’s partners languages for its better dissemination during October. Last but not least, the meeting ended, after the partnership set the date for the next TPM, in June 2023.

Some of our moments during the two-day meeting!