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Sustainable Development Goals featured

2nd Workshop ACT! for the Sustainable Development Goals

In a whirlwind of creativity and collaboration, the 2nd workshop within the ACT Project unfolded, leaving participants inspired and energized to tackle the challenges of sustainable development and the Sustainable Development Goals. Held on 28th February 2024, this two-hour session brought together passionate individuals eager to explore digital activism, confront teamwork challenges, and unveil scenarios for upcoming tasks and challenges.

The agenda was packed with engaging activities and insightful presentations:

  • Digital Activism Unveiled: Led by the partners from LeGO, students embarked on a journey to understand the nuances of digital activism. Through thought-provoking discussions and real-world examples, they learned to distinguish genuine activism from concepts like social washing, equipping them with the tools to navigate the digital landscape with confidence.
  • Navigating Teamwork Challenges: Students took center stage as they shared their experiences and reflections on the challenges of teamwork. Facilitated by the SOSU moderator, these discussions provided invaluable insights into overcoming obstacles and fostering effective collaboration, laying the groundwork for future endeavors.
  • Project Planning and Scenario Development: With enthusiasm and determination, each national group dove into project planning, guided by comprehensive guidelines. Over the course of 40 minutes, they brainstormed innovative solutions and strategized ways to address sustainability challenges, setting the stage for impactful action.
  • Unveiling Scenarios for Tasks and Challenges: Building on their collective brainstorming sessions, student groups proudly presented the scenarios they had developed for upcoming tasks and challenges. From innovative solutions to practical approaches, each presentation showcased the participants’ dedication to driving progress towards the SDGs.
  • Open Discussion and Collaborative Ideation: The workshop concluded with an invigorating open discussion, where participants shared their insights and ideas on further developing tasks and challenges for each SDG. Through collaborative brainstorming and collective wisdom, new pathways for action emerged, promising to elevate the impact of future initiatives.

As the workshop was coming to an end, there was a palpable sense of excitement and solidarity among participants. Armed with newfound knowledge, inspiration, and a shared commitment to sustainability, they departed, ready to turn imagination into action within their communities and beyond.

Romanian group of students and teachers taking part in the 2nd workshop

Danish group                                                                                  Greek group                                                      Italian group


Group photo

group photo 2nd workshop for Sustainable Development Goals

Stay tuned for updates on future workshops and initiatives within the ACT Project as we continue to harness the power of collaboration and innovation to create positive change!