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Presenting the partners

One of the partners in the ACT! Project , SOSU Ostjylland have recently become a certified Sustainable Development Goals School and are now a part of the UNESCO ASP Network. This network is a global association of more than 12.000 Schools, all working with the SDG’s in their own way – individually and together with other schools.

SOSU Ostjylland, one of the partners of ACT! Project,  has a focus on SDG 3, 4 and 17, which is natural as they are a health (3) school (4) working in international and local partnerships (17). The school celebrated a Sustainable Development Day both for all its employees and its students in 2022. This means that everyone has been heard in the decisions about, how the school will develop into a more sustainable direction. The school celebrates an inclusive and sustainable environment, where the students are invited to take action and have room and resources to ACT! On their visions.

If your school is also interested in becoming a Sustainable Development School and wants to join the ASPNetwork together with 12.000 other schools in 182 countries, you can read more and find your national coordinator in the link below.

SOSU highly recommend it:

Remember to follow the ACT! Project, as there will be developed a lot of new innovative material in the coming months.