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Transnational Project Meeting in Romania- featured

ACT’s Transnational Project Meeting in Romania!

The ACT! Project.

Our project has reached its 18th month of implementation. Recently, the project partners gathered in Romania to discuss its progress. The main objective of ACT! is to develop the necessary tools and methods that facilitate collaboration between children and teachers from different educational and cultural backgrounds, allowing them to work together on global issues related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Transnational Project Meeting in Romania.

ACT’s partners, including FEG from Romania, SOSU from Denmark, from Greece, Educational Organisation Themistoklis also from Greece and LeGO from Italy, convened in Romania for a productive transnational project meeting held on June 8th and 9th. The meeting took place in Iasi and was graciously hosted by Fundatia Ecologica Green (FEG).

During the first day of the meeting, the partners discussed the overall status of the project and its current stage. They also focused on the first project result, the Self-Reflection Tool for teachers regarding the SDGs. This tool is now in its final development stage and has already been created in English. The partners are now working on its translation into different languages.

Furthermore, on June 8th, the team also discussed the second project result, the Online Training Program for teachers on implementing the SDGs in schools. The content development is nearing completion, with only final touches remaining.

During the meeting, presented the draft of the interactive web platform called e-community. This platform aims to create an online community for students aged 14-18 years old, fostering co-creation synergies in Sustainable Business Administration (SBA). The day concluded with presentations from FEG on quality assurance and on the project’s dissemination.

The second day of the transnational project meeting, June 9th, began with a guided tour of FEG, followed by a summary and reflection on the previous day’s discussions. The partners then focused on the creation of the fourth deliverable, the Online Workshops for cross-border cooperation on the SDGs. LeGO presented this topic, along with the upcoming Short-term Joint Staff Training to be held in Denmark. The training session is scheduled for October and will be hosted by SOSU.

The transnational project meeting concluded with a summary of the decisions made, including deadlines and next steps.

Take a glimpse into some of the memorable moments from the meeting!

Transnational Project Meeting in Romania.-photo1

Transnational Project Meeting in

Transnational Project Meeting in

Stay tuned for more updates on the ACT! Project!