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United in Action for a Sustainable Future

With the end of the year around the corner, we can look back on a year where nature has shown its harsh side. Some countries experienced extreme heat that resulted in catastrophic wildfires, others found themselves drowning in extreme rainfall. War and strife are once again a part of our everyday lives, which is why we should come even closer together and fight for peace.  

We must continue to educate on the SDGs and fight for their implementation! 

In the ACT! project, we work to help you as an educator with information and inspiration to educate future global citizens. 

We have compiled an inspiration catalogue and training material for you. The training material contains background information on social sustainability, economic sustainability, environmental sustainability and cross-border learning. Each topic has suggestions for activities that you can do with your students – activities that help increase their knowledge of the SDGs.  

We have chosen to focus on cross-border learning because we believe that learning from and with each other, across cultures and borders, is an essential part of the competences required by the young people of the future.  

Sign up and get inspired. Together we can take action. Together we can ACT!