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“Let’s ACT together for a better world!” has started.

ACT’s initiave “Let’s ACT together for a better world!” has started. It consists of three (3) Online Workshops during which students, 14-18 years old from the four (4) countries involved in the project are asked to design and plan four (4) online campaigns to promote sustainable development and stimulate people’s awareness of the need and urgency to act for change.  

The first online workshop (21st February 2024) has been dedicated to a short presentation of the project, of the SDGs and of the principles of cross-border learning. The students have then presented themselves and their ideas of what sustainability is.  

Afterward, they have worked with the notions of participation and leadership, reflecting on Hart’s ladder of participation and on the level of participation they are more familiar with. Before the end of the meeting, each national group has presented the Goal about which they will develop their project. Students from SOSU (Denmark) have chosen Goal 3 (Good Health and Wellbeing). The group from FEG, Iasi (Romania) will develop their project about Goal 1 (No Poverty). Students from Themistoklis school (Greece) will work with Goal 13 (Climate action). Finally, the Italian students (from Licei Giovanni da Sa Giovanni) have chosen Goal 15 (Life on Land). 


During the second workshop (28th February 2024) the students have started to work actively on their campaigns. After an introduction about digital activism and a group work about how to work as a team, the four national groups have collected ideas about how to develop their projects and what media and strategies use. The students will develop their works during next weeks and present their results during the 3rd workshop, on 24th April 2024.  

Stay tuned!