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How ACT! contributes to projects oriented to specific SDGs-featured

How ACT! contributes to projects oriented to specific SDGs ?

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are 17 goals defined by the United Nations to tackle the world’s biggest problems by 2030. The goals form a useful lens through which to look at the most pressing global issues. Malnutrition, gender inequality, poverty, climate change, injustice, and more demand actions from all of us and specially from the young.

More than 40% of the global population are between the ages of 10 and 24 – the largest youth population ever. To solve the world’s problems, the next generation needs to know what those problems are. A good way to ensure this is to teach them about the SDGs.

Nowadays, due to the utmost importance of the Sustainable Development Goals, there are several projects oriented only to one specific Sustainable Development Goal. Our project will give those an added value regarding the overall of SDGs and help them deepen, when needed. Also, our partnership will collaborate with other project partnerships, so as to exchange good practices and information regarding the SDGs.

One of the partnership with which we will collaborate is for “BAFOS – Boosting School Awareness about Food Loss” project, in which our partner Themistoklis school participates. “BAFOS – Boosting School Awareness about Food Loss” project is aiming to contribute to confronting the issue of food waste, by involving both students and representatives of the supply chain in spreading knowledge and researching sustainable solutions. In specific, BAFOS’ aims to engage students (one of the main target groups of ACT! project) in discussing the causes and consequences of food loss and STEM subjects, through the development of an Adventure for the Minecraft Education Collection.

This project is oriented to specific SDGs. Specifically, the Sustainable Development Goal No1: No poverty, the Sustainable Development Goal Νο2: Zero Hunger and the Sustainable Development Goal Νο12: Responsible Consumption and production.

Our project ACT! will give an added value to the implementation of BAFOS project (and other projects oriented to SDGs) as it focuses on developing the needed tools and methods so as children and teachers from different countries and educational and cultural environments work together (co-creative) on global topics related to the sustainable development goals.

ACT! partners will keep working together with other organisations and projects from all over Europe, for promoting the SDGs and helping building a better future for the new generations!

Stay tuned for more!