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ACT! What will it deliver? Project Results-featured

ACT! What will it deliver? Project Results

4 project results

Four (4) project results will be created, during the project implementation.  ACT! project focuses on developing the needed tools and methods so as children and teachers from different countries and educational and cultural environments to work together on global topics related to the sustainable development goals.

The project results are the following:

  1. Self-Reflection Tool for teachers on cross-border learning synergies for the SDGs

Our team will develop a framework as the base of an assessment tool for self-reflection in the cross-border learning synergies for the 17 SDGs. After the completion of the framework, a self-reflection tool will be designed in a way that allows the end-users (teachers) to reflect on:

  • What is my current situation?
  • How much do I know about cross-border learning and cooperation?
  • How can I do it? etc.
  1. Online Training Program for teachers in cross-border cooperation for the development of the SDGs in schools

An Online Training Program will be developed for teachers in primary / upper secondary schools targeted on cross-border cooperation for the development of the SDGs in the school environment. The aim is to upgrade teachers’ knowledge and skills and promote cross-border cooperation and learning synergies.

  1. Community e-platform for cross-border cooperation on the SDGs.

An interactive online responsive and accessible community e-platform, which will be the online community for 14-18 years old students, who are going to develop co-creation synergies on the SDGs. This platform will be an online space where students can meet and interact.

  1. Online Workshops for cross-border cooperation on the SDGs.

During the Online Workshops 14-18 years old students, (and teachers from primary/upper secondary schools) will work cross-border in the community e-platform developed in the 3rd Result (community e-platform for cross-border cooperation on the SDGs.)

How helpful all this range of tools (project results) ?

The above project results will help with the project’s objectives, described as following:

  • Train the 14–18 years old children to work together on innovative solutions / practices / methods, regarding how we do better in the 17 areas targeted by 17 goals.
  • Train and develop intercultural competencies among 14–18 years old children and their teachers.
  • Stimulate and train their competencies in speaking and writing English among 14–18 years old children.
  • Stimulate the children’s understanding, that “we” cross border share the challenges and share the responsibility to solve the challenges reflected in the 17 goals,
  • Develop the teacher’s competencies to bring their pupils and students into trans-border cooperation when it comes to learning and the achievement of 1 to 5 in the most pedagogical and didactical profitable way.
  • Be inspired by the different countries works with the SDGs.